Lawyer asbestos

Lawyer asbestos

Do you have an asbestos removal or asbestos inventory company? Or do you work as Expert Asbestos Remover (DAV) or Asbestos Removal Expert (DTA) and do you have problems with asbestos in or around a home, barn or business premises? Then have your case assessed directly by our asbestos lawyer.

The importance of an asbestos lawyer

Fines rise quickly, work can be stopped, violations can escalate. It is important that you respond adequately to CKI, Inspection or municipality at an early stage. A well-founded view can influence the decision to be taken, including a possible fine.

Borg advocaten advises and supports entrepreneurs and individuals who are dealing with asbestos. Our asbestos lawyer can advise you on the most current developments on asbestos, think of:

  • The Building Decree
  • The Asbestos Removal Decree 2005
  • The Working Conditions Act and regulations
  • The SC-530 and SC-540 et cetera.

Common asbestos problem

Criminal law

Asbestos violations can be prosecuted. Either in the form of environmental offenses or in the form of working conditions offenses.

Consider not having an asbestos inventory report for demolition, for not having a permit for asbestos removal work, for not (having) removed asbestos by a certified company, for illegally dumping asbestos or for causing danger to the public. health.


The Policy rule on disclosure of inspection data for serious or serious asbestos violations determines in which cases inspection data may be disclosed. Publication is fierce, which can have enormous consequences for your company. For various dishes, disclosures are challenged, more and more successfully. The government recognizes that the current legal basis is not valid and is in the process of adapting the underlying laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, in the meantime you can still be confronted with (threatening) publications. Our experience is that you can (temporarily) prevent it being made public by means of an administrative urgency procedure.

Construction cao

For a long time there have been disputes between asbestos sanitarians and the building funds as to whether asbestos sanitisers belong to the Construction CLA. Many asbestos sanitation activities are not covered by this collective labor agreement, or not at all under a collective labor agreement. It is important to determine what the majority of activities are.

Examples of activities that do not or may not fall under the CLA are:

  • Asbestos removal in technical installations
  • Asbestos removal after a calamity (think of a fire)
  • The remediation of separate elements from a building (for example floor coverings).
  • Asbestos removal outside a building

Our asbestos specialist

In criminal law your company can be confronted with a shutdown or a high fine. You as an entrepreneur (or your personnel) can be held criminally liable as offenses for offenses committed within the company. You can be punished with a (conditional) prison sentence or a fine. Because our asbestos lawyer has a criminal background, he knows the ins and outs of the criminal process. This provides a unique combination with which he can assist you well.

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